A persistent and tight schedule blended with a hefty competition around the matches makes it utterly struggling for the NBA players and teams to play against the limited winning odds. Every basketball enthusiast in the world is eager to know more about the longest winning streaks in NBA and to understand the NBA dynasties. Let's have a look at the NBA and its record winnings.

 There is a common trend that the teams often seem autocratic during the big wins and blown out during the lost days due to the highly intense league demands.

Also most of the teams highlight their most valuable players throughout the NBA match seasons and turn out to have a significant effect on the overall performance of the franchise.

As a result, the lion's share of the NBA undergoes persistent battling to put together the sum of 5-game winning streaks over the period of the 82 regular game season. And still, somehow the top leagues of the NBA manages to have 10 consecutive wins in the season.

One of the most valuable teams in the NBA “ The Golden State Warriors” who were able to score 10 consecutive wins during the 2018-2019 match season which was considered a remarkable result in the history of NBA games. 

While another major team called the San Antonio Spurs had a record winning 10- game streak for most of the seasons starting from 2010- to 2016.The NBA season is also considered a festival for sports bettors and they love to bet on basketball so NBA betting, WNBA betting, and EuroLeague Bettings are very common during every NBA season. If you are looking to place sports bets on NBA you can approach a credible online site in the world of UK online betting.

  • Los Angeles Lakers with 33 Wins

The Los Angeles Lakers had to suffer three consecutive losses in the 1971 NBA season; the last one was on October 31st, 1971 against the Golden State Warriors.  This resulted in a huge impact on their scoreboard which was 6-3 which was initially a disappointing sum for the franchise and their huge fan base. The team had so many of the highest paid NBA players such as Jerry West, Pat Riley, and Wilt Chamberlain, who later in the season set the remarkable winning streaks. By uplifting the team from the major fallback they had at the beginning of the season.  Their winning streak is considered the most fascinating in the chronicle of the NBA. The series of their winning saga started with narrow attainment against one of the then strongest teams Baltimore Bullets on 5th November 1971. Following that, the Lakers never had to face any failure till January 9th, 1972. The Lakers altogether got a total of 33 winning streaks in the NBA season of 1971-1972 which is the still-standing record in the NBA saga. The winning bonanza of the lakers in the season finally got snapped by the player Abdul- Jabbar when he lost 39 points along with 20 rebounds over the Milwaukee Bucks, even though the lakers proudly took the season title home.

  • Golden State Warriors with 28 Wins

Preceding the supremacy of the 2015 playoffs, the Golden State Warriors gladly saved four successive wins in the 2014- 2015 NBA season. The beginning of their prestigious game-changing victory was with a 116-105 win on April 9th against the Portland Trail Blazers. The warriors never tasted the bitterness of vanquishing in the season until December.  Subsequently celebrating their first-ever title reap of forty years, the team led by Steam Kerr began their evergreen title defense in an excellent form and they were unseasoned as they amassed 24 straight gains to kick-start the season. Their thriving got finally ended by the Milwaukee Bucks on the match of December 12th, Which was a remarkable defeat causing an end to the golden states regular season ruling for 249 days in a row. With the ignited performances of NBA star players Klay Thompson and Steph Curry the warriors, however, managed to gather twenty-eight square wins across the two seasons, regardless of their mind-blowing start of the NBA season, ultimately, the Warriors faced the defeat from Cleveland cavaliers in 2016 NBA’s finals.

  • Miami Heat: 27 Wins (2010-13)

The Miami Heat took four frequent journeys to the NBA finals, following the bailing of their star player LeBron James to the south beach in 2010. The 2010-2013 NBA regular seasons were phenomenal for the Miami heats and considered the “ big three eras”. While LeBron's gathered a lot of accolades his abandonment created hefty pressure inside the team and it was necessary for the blooming of other better players.  Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh took the chance and rose as the next hall of Fame for the Miami Heat. The team ended the regular season with 66 wins which are considered a franchise-best. In that season, they also chronicled a striking 27 fair wins which was the second-longest season winning streak in the history of the NBA. Over the span of 52 days, the Heat managed to beat 20 different teams in total while ex-member of the heats James and associates shot 51 percent out of the field. Miami was busy creating records in NBA history so many experts had supported them to go on and conquer the winning streak of all time.  Even though as the saying goes, the time has to come. The Heat succumbed to a surprise defeat from the Chicago Bulls in which Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah were out of the match.
  • Houston Rockets with 22 Wins

The 2007- 2008 NBA season witnessed one of the most incredible winning streaks in history posted by the Houston Rocket. While the Rockets were among the favorites of the season from the west they had battled to adapt to the new coaching strategy of Rick Adelman. And they initiated with a 24-20 winning streak. They had an incredible win over the Golden State Warriors which made the Rockets finally get into their form. And they didn't taste failure until the middle of March. The Chinese superstar Yao Ming rocked over the next games by defeating their opponents daily. The reign of Ming hasn't gone far as he had to back down due to an injury later. Which was a huge loss for the rockets.  Although Houston kept up with their strength all together and regained power and many players owned the power such as Kyle Lowry who added 10 more wins. The series of winning streaks by the Rockets were finally ended by the Boston Celtics. However, Houston's 22 winning streak remains the fourth-longest in the history of the NBA.