The Premier League has always been a familiar ground for football as fans from around the world come forward to support their team and watch them reach new heights. The unconditional love they have for their club is visible in how they stick with them through thick and thin. And in doing so, they witness history. Because the Premier League is not only about 90 minutes of action but about footballing talent, Golden Boot Awards, historic teams and lastly about Premier League Winners. So has your team won the Premier League? Let’s find out.
  • Manchester United

Manchester United under Sir Alex Ferguson was a whole different beast. They won everything that they possibly could and in doing so, they made Manchester United one of the most successful clubs in world football.  While their list of trophies goes on and on, the one that we are going to be focusing on is the Premier League. And if we were to check their tally on the same, it would lead to 13 titles. Yes, that’s right. Manchester United were a dominant force under Ferguson and 13 league titles are merely half of what they had achieved.

  • Chelsea

Founded in 1905, before the introduction of fantasy football leagues, there was Chelsea Football Club. A historic club in every sense of the world, Chelsea went on to be dominant and bring in all the trophies that they could soon after Roman Abramovich took over the club. The ex-owner of Chelsea brought in Jose Mourinho, the special one, and managed to cause a turnaround. With the likes of Antonio Conte, Carlo Ancelotti and more to follow, Chelsea went on to win the league and have done so around 5 times.  Hence, the influx of funds, coaches and players did help the Blues secure their foundation and become one of the most successful clubs in London. 

  • Manchester City

There was once a time when only the Red half of Manchester kept winning titles. But things did change and now the focus is on the blue half of Manchester. As times changed, people became more focused on the game, including performing activities like betting on football and were also witness to Manchester CIty being taken over by new owners and thus winning the league.  The Citizens of Manchester have seen successful managers come and go with Pep Guardiola holding an important place in that regard and helping City win 6 titles. Under Guardiola, City won the league from 2017 all the way to 2022.
  • Arsenal

Up next is another club from London and a successful one. Under the leadership of several coaches and more notably under Arsene Wenger, Arsenal turned out to be an unstoppable force. They were known for winning titles and thus many considered them while looking into aspects like Premier League betting. Arsenal have won a total of 3 Premier League titles and are fourth on the list of winners. They won the league for the first time in the 1997-98 season, 2001-02 and during the 2003-04 season of Premier League football.

  • Liverpool

While the Reds are known to be dominant and fearless in European tournaments, back at home, they have only won one Premier League title and that came during the 2019-20 season under Jurgen Klopp. Due to this count, Liverpool keep pushing themselves to the top of the Premier League and thus provide fans with a lot to look forward to. Regardless, Liverpool are still considered to be one of the best teams in the world that plays an attractive style of football that is also entertaining to watch. They have fans from all around the world and also have trophies from all kinds of football competitions.