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Free Bet Calculator

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Are you still calculating your winnings and odds manually? Well, the days of doing manual calculations are over as BritainBet brings you a free yet reliable bet calculator using which you can know how much you can win from your current bet with just a simple click. Whether it is a single bet type or a complex one, such as the Super Goliath bet type, our advanced bet calculator will definitely help you to find out your possible winnings. For this, you just need to understand your odds type and the total stake you want to place. That's it. You are now ready to check your winnings. Our new bet calculator covers all types of bets that you will find in the world of sports betting. In terms of condition, the calculator supports Dead Heat, Rule 4, and Each Way. Both bookmakers and punters can use this calculator.

You can easily set the odds format and stake type based on your preference. And for some bet types, like Single, Double, Fourfold, etc., our calculator allows you to add more rows. If you have got lucky on Yankee, Heinz, Single, or something else, BritainBet has a complete list of different betting calculators. You can also go for our master bet calculator displayed here to find the results instantly. The best part is that it is 100 percent free to use, and it offers 100 percent accurate results. With thousands of bets calculated since its introduction, our free bet calculator has become a trusted and reliable resource for people participating in sports betting. Go on and give it a try to see how it works and how much you would earn from your betting.

A Bet Calculator on Which You Can Always Trust

When it comes to calculating the potential winnings of bets, most people trust the BritainBet bet calculator. Developed using the latest and advanced algorithms, our bet calculator allows you to calculate the possible payout of the wager as well as the total profit you can make. The calculator considers different variables like the bet's odd, bet type, total amount staked, and more. Overall, with our bet calculator, you can make informed decisions while placing your bets. You can use this calculator as many times as you want, and you don't need to pay anything for this. Most people say, "I can't calculate my bet." However, when you use BritainBet's bet calculator, you can confidently say that now you can calculate your bet.

How To Use Our Bet Calculator?

Well, you don't need to develop any mathematical skills to use our bet calculator. It's very simple. All you need to do is enter some basic information, and you are ready to go. To make your job easier, we’ve listed all the steps to calculate your potential winnings.

  • First,choose the bet type. This can be Single, Fivefold, Double, Sevenfold, Lucky 15, Goliath, Patent, Yankee, etc. Our calculator supports all types of bets.
  • After that, you need to select the betting odds format. You can choose between Decimal or Fractional.
  • Once you are done with that, you can now enter the total bet amount you have staked.
  • Now, you need to pick a bet condition. BritainBet bet calculator supports three different conditions, i.e., Rule 4, Dead Heat, and Each Way.
  • Enter the odds offered by your bookmaker. You can enter multiple odds.
  • That's it. Now, you can see the possible profit and returns below the calculator.

Now you know how to use our calculator, it's time to use it to know whether you will make a profit or loss. You can also use it before placing a bet to know the possible profit on the total amount under different conditions and then bet accordingly. This way, you can lower the risk of making huge losses.

Calculate Your Betting Odds

In general, betting odds are evaluated based on the possibility that something will happen in the game. For instance, if the betting odds are 5-1. Then there is 1 in 6 chances of making a profit (5+1). You can calculate it as 1 / (5+1) = 0.16 or around 16 percent chance of winning.

Punters can also calculate the possibility from their betting odds easily utilizing another simple formula. For that, they just need to divide the given odds by 100 and then add 1. For instance, if the odds are 5/1, then the outcome probability is – 5/100 +1 = 6 percent.

It is quite easy to calculate winnings from a single bet. What about when placing complex bets or multiple bets? Don't worry at all, and give a try to our new bet calculator. Within a few seconds, you will get your results.

Decimal Odds vs. Fractional Odds

When you use our bet calculator, under the Odds Type, you will find two different options, i.e., Decimal and Fractional. If you are hearing this for the first time, then you may find it a little confusing. So, to help you with this, we have mentioned detailed information about these odds types so that you can choose the appropriate odds type.

  • Decimal Odds

    These are quite popular in Europe, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. You can understand these odds by checking the numbers. As per the rules, the team with the lowest number is the favourite and the team with the highest number is considered as the underdog.

  • Fractional Odds

    These odds are widely used in Ireland and the United Kingdom. You will find such odds while betting on horse racing. We also use fractional odds for the future odds. When you enter the required information, our calculator will multiply the odds with the total bet to calculate the return. These odds may look like 3/5 or 6/9.

Implied vs True Odds

When you decide to use the bet calculator and bet on sports, we would suggest you understand a few things, such as true and implied odds.

Both the true odds and implied odds play an important role in deciding if your betting has a decent value or not. Well, you can utilize our bet calculator to understand the implied odds of a bet if you know about the bet's odds. Speaking about the implied odds, these are the conversion of a sportsbook's provided odds into implied wins probability. Coming to the true odds, these odds suggest that a particular outcome will happen. For example, if the implied probability of both outcomes is 52.40 percent and the true probability is also 52.40 percent, then you can prefer to go for that particular bet. True probability can be evaluated utilizing predictive models, and for that, you can take the help of handicapping. Once you understand the odds and probability, you can make your decision about whether to bet or not. Don't forget to use the bet calculator for a detailed calculation of possible winnings.

Who Should Use Our Bet Calculator?

Our latest bet calculator can help people who love placing bets, whether they are experienced or beginner bettors. Besides, it can be very helpful for bettors who prefer to place complex bets with multiple odds, for example, accumulator bets. By analyzing the results, they can come up with an informed decision regarding their bets. We can say that this is a highly valuable tool for punters who want to increase their knowledge about the betting process.

Some Of the Most Popular Bet Types Available in This Calculator

Before you can start using our bet calculator, read more about all the popular types of bets you can choose fromour bet calculator and how these bets are calculated and composed. As we have stated earlier, our bet calculator supports all most all types of bets so that you don't have to use separate bet calculators based on your bet types.

  • Single Bet

    This is one of the most common and simplest types of betting. As the name suggests, here, you can place the bet on a single outcome or event. For example, you can place bets on a team to win the match, a horse to come first in the race or a player to kick a goal first. If you win, you will get a payout as per the odds available. This can be either an each-way or win bet.

  • Accumulator Bet

    The accumulator bet type within our bet calculator, also called parlay, will combine all the bets into a single bet. However, in order to win your accumulator, bet, you need to win all your individual bets.

  • Double Bet

    Double Bet option can be selected within our bet calculator to calculate your possible returns from two different selections or events. The rules say if you win the first selection, the returns will be transferred as a bet onto your 2nd selection. If you lose one selection, then you will not get any profit. If you want higher payouts, then this can be a good option. While calculating the returns, don't forget to choose Double Bet as the bet type.

  • Yankee Bet

    Want to calculate your possible returns with Yankee bet type? Doing it manually can be a little complicated as it may include up to 11 different bets spreading on 4 different sections. Well, with our calculator, you can do it with a few simple clicks. Just choose the Yankee Bet and enter the necessary details. In general, a Yankee Bet includes 1 fourfold, 4 trebles and 6 doubles accumulator. If all 4 sections win, you will then win 11 bets. While placing bets, you will have to choose four different selections or outcomes. For instance, 4 teams in different football matches.

  • Trixie Bet

    The Trixie betting calculator evaluates the potential winnings from a Trixie bet. Such types of bets include three different selections. To gain profits, you need to win at least two selections.

  • Lucky 15 Bet

    Talking about lucky 15 in our bet calculator, it is a popular type of bet that consists of 4 different selections and you need to place 15 bets. Your bets can include 1 four-fold, 4 singles, 4 trebles, and 6 doubles. These bets are widely used in horse racing. As this bet includes multiple bets, the total stake can be high. Before placing a bet, we would suggest you calculate the possible returns under different situations.

  • Lucky 31 Bet

    Lucky 31 bet is a full-cover bet where you need to place 31 bets under five different selections. It generally includes 1 five-fold accumulator, 5 four-fold accumulators and 10 trebles. The Lucky 31 bet is quite popular in football betting and horse racing betting. This bet can offer amazing profits if all 5 selections win.

  • Heinz Bet

    Heinz bet includes placing bets on six different selections, and the total number of bets you can place is 57. These bets are perfect for highly experienced sports bettors who have adequate market knowledge.

  • Super Heinz

    Looking for something better than the Heinz Bets? Give the Super Heinz bets a try. This is a 7-selection wager and has 120 bets. To know the possible outcomes of this type of bet, you can count on our bet calculator.

  • Lucky 63 Bet

    This is a popular full-cover bet, just like the 31 bets, but this one includes 6 selections and 63 bets. Speaking more about this bet, it has 20 trebles. 6 five-fold accumulators, 6 singles, 1 six-fold accumulator, 15 four-fold accumulator, and 15 doubles. This type of bet requires punters to go for a higher stake. So, before betting, we would suggest you use Britain Bet's bet calculator to understand the possibility of winnings with the given odds and place your bet accordingly.

  • Treble Bet

    A treble bet includes three selections, and they are also called "Legs". To win the bet, all the legs need to be the winner.

  • Goliath Bet

    If you are searching for an accurate Goliath bet calculator, our bet calculator will do the job. Using this, you can easily calculate potential winnings by placing your bets on 8 selections. You will have to bet on all 8 selections for this.

Make Informed Betting Decisions with Our Betting Calculator

Even though our bet calculator is pretty simple to use, there are some tips that you can follow to ensure that you are getting accurate results. We suggest you research constantly to get the best odds. We can help you with this.

  • Make sure that you have all the important and relevant information about every group or team, like their head-to-head records, current form and more.
  • Don't forget to check the external factors. There are certain outside factors that can greatly affect the game's outcome, for example, weather conditions or injuries.
  • Always compare various odds. Utilize our bet calculator to easily compare different odds and then decide which odds will be favourable for you.

Keep these things in mind, and we can assure you that you can use our bet calculator correctly to make informed sports betting decisions. Well, if you need any help, please feel free to contact us.

Witness Some Amazing Benefits with Our Bet Calculator

We must say that the bet calculator is an excellent way to enjoy an edge on your sports betting. Using this, it will be much easier for you to calculate your potential winnings, and you will also get insights about how much the game will pay you. Based on the results, you can make the right strategies for betting lower the risk of making losses. Even though you are doing sports betting for the first time, using this calculator, you can know the possible profits instantly. As a result, you can avoid placing a risky bet.

Another major benefit of using a bet calculator is that you can understand the different wager types available in sports betting and which one will be an ideal option for you. With this, you can identify opportunities for betting with a greater chance of success with.

Balance Your Rewards Vs Risk

In the betting industry, if you want to experience success, then you will have to find a perfect balance between the rewards and the risk that you can handle. That means you will have to choose which races or sports to bet on and ensure that you can get decent profits for your risk. For this, you can trust our betting calculator. For instance, if you want to make USD 1000 profits, the bet calculator can help you to calculate how much money you will have to bet to attain that goal.

Is The Betting Calculator Legal to Use?

There are no such regulations or laws that prohibit people from using our free-to-use bet calculator. So, this betting calculator is 100 percent legal to use. Trust us, you are not doing anything illegal with this. This doesn't include any tricks to boost your winning. It is just a tool that can help you analyze various outcomes based on the odds type and betting amount. Use it confidently, and you can easily balance your risk and reward without worrying about the laws.

Go For It Now!

BritainBet's bet calculator is a perfect tool to place your bets and increase your winning chances. Now, there is no need to spend hours doing manual calculations for different bets you have placed. Just enter the required information, and you are ready to go. With our calculator, you can make informed decisions regarding the bets and can learn more about wagers. So, do you want to make your sports betting more interesting and fun? If yes, then it's time to incorporate BritainBet's all-new bet calculator into your betting strategy. You will definitely find it very useful.