Over the period of time, sports manuals have come up with plenty of lucrative betting styles and options for punters. As a result, the fans for sports betting are rising each day, and table tennis is growing as one of the preferred choices for people to bet . Fans of Table tennis are witnessing notable sporting comebacks of the century.

Even though table tennis is not a sport that is as popular as cricket, football, or basketball, there are people who admire the sport and wish to bet on the sport. Moreover, every one of us has played the sport at least once in our lifetime. This will make table tennis unique and attractive. We assure you that with the perfect approach, you can reap success in whatever betting you engage.

As you already know, sports betting is a popular form of gambling, which makes it luck oriented, but still, some form of preparation and skills can ensure positive outcomes. So, before you engage your bankroll in online sports betting, make sure  you that are aware of the basic strategies and tips recommended by professional sports bettors.

There are zillions of bettors from all over the world who depend daily on table tennis as a way to generate income and entertainment. Along with seasoned sports bettors, there is a trend of beginners getting hooked on the sport. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned sports bettor we are going to discuss the best tips you should keep in mind while betting on table tennis. All the table tennis betting guide and the tips mentioned here are proven to become a responsible sports bettor. If you are up for a fruitful and amicable way to  bet on tennis keep reading!

Quick fact:  The Odds are crucial in sports betting; they often indicate the chances of a particular outcome in a sports event. Odds are available in different formats like fractions, decimals, ratios, etc.

  • Have a crisp knowledge of the game

It is vital to have a crisp knowledge of the game before you take any more steps with betting. Table tennis is a popular indoor game. Almost everyone has played it at least once in their lifetime as it is widely available in schools, workspaces, clubs, and libraries. So, almost everyone has a basic idea about the sport.

But when it comes to betting, the basic idea is not effective. You must have a wide-knowledge about the sport before involving your bankroll and your time. In order to do that, you can watch table tennis matches and tournaments on the esports websites and sports TV channels.

  • Have detailed knowledge about the profile of both players.

In tennis betting it's important to know both players' profiles. It is highly advisable as it will give you an idea about the game’s result and future. As we are in the era of the internet, it's a pretty simple task to accomplish. You can go online and check the profiles of players. If you find it difficult to find them online, you can  directly go into their social media handles or you can visit any reputable online betting websites

Moreover, it will give you a vast idea about the player, results of their previous matches, health condition, special skills, tactics, and gameplay. Also, reputation of the players can be remarkable, and it only matters based on the kind of bet you place. Keep the table tennis betting guide so that you can clear your dilemmas regarding tennis betting instantly.

  • Evaluate the history of the players

Another pro tip to have successful tennis betting is to understand the history the two players share. It will shed light on crucial factors such as who has won most while playing against each other. What are the skills both the players possess Who is the best player among them and, of course, the worst. It will help you to place your bet accordingly.

Even Though sports are unpredictable and the results are often luck-based, but still, there is nothing to lose with an upper hand. And a deep knowledge of the player's profile and the history they share can help you guess the winning odds. If you are lucky enough, sometimes it can be a cherry on top too.

  • Learn Who Is the Leader

Rather than placing your bet based on a blind prediction, try to be more creative in finding more information about the sport and match. It not just increases your success chances, but also can be used to level up your confidence.

The majority of people place their bets on table tennis based on the prediction report. But our question is, why limit yourself there? 

As we said, use your creativity and find time to dig up into the past match results, which will allow you to know a lot about the popular trends in the match. And it will also help you to recognize the lead player or most valuable player. Checking the previous match statistics has been very helpful for plenty of sports bettors, and it could be your ray of hope too.

  • Examine the style of play

The gameplay can be very distinct from player to player. So before placing your bet, it's recommended to watch the previous games of the players to know more about their playing style. It will be a whip hand for you as you are the one who is going to bear the risks and rewards of the bet.

You can easily find the differences between the playing styles of various players as some use backhand to hold the racket while others use the forehand. Just like that, the way players serve the table tennis ball is also very unique. So it's good to know the specialties of the players. 

  • Get to know the winning percentage of both players

This tip may sound silly or irrelevant at first, but when you add some logical thinking, you can see the necessity of this one. Knowing a simple mathematical calculation called the percentage of the winning of each player can surely do a lot of changes to the outcome of your bet. The most recent wins and losses can act as a game-changer, so try to get to know the winning percentages of each player before you punter yourself.

  • Figure out the event or match type

Keep this in mind when you are planning to place a bet considering the type of event. The match style can be entirely different according to the of events, so be careful with that. There are very high end table tennis tournaments out there, while others are small and of little potential. So choose the type of event you are going to bet on wisely.


Now that you have grasped the idea of the pro tips to use while betting as a beginner. It's time to make it real and fruitful. Whenever you plan to start betting on table tennis, remember these tips as it is a highly curated list. It will help you place all kinds of bets and always give you an upper hand in the process. But also be careful with the decision-making as your bankroll is involved. 

Try to take the betting and associated events in a sports spirit which will help you be stable and very confident. Before getting into tennis betting or any other sports betting, understand the risks that come with the thrill and excitement.