Being the most popular sport in the world the acceptance of football is remarkable. The wide popularity of the sport paved the way for the formation of plenty of major football trophies or tournaments. And the trophies earned quite a lot of recognition so far and its multi billion business in Europe alone.

The ultimate reason behind the thriving football industry is its unlimited number of followers which is increasing day by day. It doesn't matter where you go, you will be able to find a lot of football admirers from all over the world. 

The best international football players are also gaining so much recognition and they are busy enjoying their fame every possible second. Football trophies are the reason that made the players so popular and admirable. 

As we said earlier, major football trophies are very popular at the same time it is very beneficial for the players, team, and the game coordinators. Which helps the associated people to live quite a life of luxury. Also the popular football tournaments are a dreamy season for football bettors and they bet on based on the physical matches and also efootball.

If you are excited to know more about the major trophies in the world of football read this article below. Let's go ahead and discuss more of the top five soccer trophies in the world, the order it is written is based on their popularity and acceptance.

1. FIFA - The World Cup

As its name suggests, without any doubt this is the most prominent soccer trophy in the universe.  The winning team and the MVP will receive worldwide recognition and fame along with other huge opportunities with handsome rewards. You can trace most of the popular footballers from all across the world during the FIFA world cup. Imagine the pride and sense of triumph the winning team carries while holding the most prestigious football trophy in the world.  In the world cup, the teams are enrolled and based on countries thus the winning will be an acclaimed honor to the country which the team hails from. The FIFA tournament was founded in 1930 ever since its formation, the world cup is spreading joy and togetherness in the world once in a leap year. Unfortunately, world war II adversely affected the world cup for conducting the trophy for two years in a row which is 1942 and following the 1946.

2.The UEFA-Champions Tournament

The UEFA champions competition is considered one of the most established football trophies in the world. The trophy has millions of live streamers from all across the globe and owns the title of most-liked football trophy in the world. Holding the UEFA league trophy is one of the major aims of every European pro club. Other than the prominence in the title the trophy offered to the tournament winners is very unique; it is nicknamed as “Big Years” which refers to its big handles. Major English teams who have acquired the UEFA trophy several times are, Aston Villa, Liverpool, Manchester United, and Nottingham Forest. When a team prevails in the trophy they are eligible to showcase their winning by wearing the vanquisher badge on their official team jersey for the upcoming season.

3.UEFA-The European Champions Tournament

Dearly recognised as “the Euros”, this football tournament is conducted every consecutive leap years, just like the FIFA world cup competition. Just like any other competition or tournament only one team can be the winner even though twenty-four, Europe-based teams will qualify to participate. Being a prestigious football competition it has fans from all over the world and the number of live streamers is also thriving each year. The Euros is also called the Delaunay trophy as an honorary memorial for Henri Delaunay who was the man behind the conceptualization of the Euros football championship and also the pioneering secretary of the EUFA for a long span. The trophy awarded for the Euros tournament is an eight kilogram, 60 centimeters tall solid silver one which is considered a symbol of achievement and pride. Along with the prestigious trophy the most valuable players will receive gold medals to solemnize their victory. Also, the teams who are a part of the final round receive perpetuating plaques as an encouragement for notable performance.

4.The Copa American Tournament

Copa America is one of the most renowned American football tournaments in the world which was pioneered in 1916, in Argentina. It also holds the title of the longest known continental football tournament. The Copa America tournament has captured a lot of football admirers and people flew to the venue to watch the match live instead of watching the streaming. It only allows teams from specific countries and associations. To qualify for participation the team should be a member of CONMEBOL [ Copa Football association] or guest teams hailing from the United States of America, Costa Rica, and Mexico. The Copa American tournament witnesses a lot of sports and transfer betting. Most of the bettors prefer online betting as they find it hassle free and credible. It depicts the interest of sports betting enthusiasts to  bet on football. This soccer tournament is well known for the gorgeous trophy awarded to the winning team. The silver-coloured 77 centimeters tall trophy is 9 kilograms. Along with a wooden base where the winning team's name engraved plaques are attached.

5. The English Premier League Trophy

The Premier League  has gathered so many titles and honors from all across the globe and the most renowned one is being the most-watched football tournament in the world. This comes as quite a surprise because it is purely an English football tournament with limited participants who are from English teams. The English premier league is located at the top of the English football pyramid system. Football betting is very relevant in English premier league tournaments there are plenty of admirers for Premier League Betting. The tournament was established in 1992, but ever since its foundation, only six English teams have received the opportunity to raise the premier league trophy. Which includes;
  • Manchester United
  • Chelsea 
  • Manchester City
  • Arsenal 
  • Blackburn Rovers
  •  Leicester City
The trophy awarded to the winners of the premier league is also very prestigious and unique with an antique design of three lions, which is considered a symbol of English football on a solid sparkling silver body. On top of the trophy, there is a classic gold crown with a base made of the gemstone malachite. And also, the premier league trophy has a silver band around it with an engraving of the winning teams initials.


Our favorite among the major football trophies in the world is the iconic world cup. Let's keep paying for the success of all the football trophies to keep the world entertained with its classical spirit and energy.