If you are a sports betting enthusiast and planning to take a little off from the wagering business, let us help you to utilize your break wisely so that you can have the sporting comebacks like a pro bettor. You can use your break time to watch some fantastic sports betting-based documentaries. Every true sport betting admirer knows the worth of it as it's very promising and just as fun as any other gambling game. 

Sports betting can be very tricky sometimes and watching the best sports betting documentaries can be highly helpful for tackling the trickiness of your wagering business.Many professional sports bettors have publicly claimed watching sports betting documentaries has been very helpful to them to understand the inside world of the betting world. So why not give yourself a try?

Why should you watch sports betting documentaries?

We can assure you watching these little films possess the power to keep you entertained and at the same time, it can improvise your sports betting strategies and tactics.The world of movies and entertainment has never left any stone unturned so they started capturing the true scenarios of gambling too. In fact, you can find a lot of betting and gambling-related movies which have cultivated a lot of success instantly after their release. 

The movies and documentaries not only capture the pink rosy side of the gambling world, but also the bitter truths and hard impact of the industry. 

The movies and documentaries aim to show all aspects of the gambling industry rather than picturing its sparkly and twinkly sides. So by watching such artistic creations you can be aware and very prepared for every perspective they hold.

The popularity of the sports betting world has prompted a lot of world-famous directors to showcase its characteristics from an authentic point of view. We meant the documentaries which succeeded in capturing the authentic progression of sports betting through the factual lens. We are going to suggest to you a few of the most popular sports betting-oriented documentaries, that will surely allow you to do a sneak peek into the real lives of sports bettors. By doing so you can learn a lot of untold and most efficient strategies to be a successful sports bettor. 

Top three must watch sports betting documentaries

Always keep in mind that sports betting is not always so glossy and blooming there could be ups and downs. So before jumping to any conclusion be careful with the real facts. Watching these highly curated lists of sports betting documentaries will undoubtedly give you a great idea about the real world of sports betting. 

So let's get started by exploring the most popular sports betting-based documentaries that are a must-watch for every sports bettor. Some of these betting documentaries included in our article can be hard to spot so to make it easy for our fellow readers we have included, where you can get them to watch. So buckle up guys and keep reading.

  • Fantasy Sports Gambling by Frontline

Let's start with the best catch first, the PBS investigative series is a must-watch sports betting-based documentary that depicts the story of the underworld of online sports betting. The world-renowned American newspaper the ‘New York Times’ has been associated with the production of the series to deliver the best content and unfiltered content to the world. The series is crafted to give the viewers an overall view of esports betting with a major focus on fantasy esports betting events and its evolution. The one-hour-long episode which was aired in February 2016 tells the details of a loophole in the online gambling enforcement act which allowed the fantasy sports betting industry to become multi-million diligence. The documentary by frontline features meticulous interviews with gamblers, prosecutors, and regulators. The series focuses on the darkest side of the fantasy sports betting world. So you can know the inner and factual side of it by watching the documentary. The full documentary can be found on youtube and you can watch it according to your convenience.
  • 30 for 30: The Legend of Jimmy the Greek

30 for 30: The Legend of Jimmy the Greek is a popular sports betting-related documentary that was released in 2009. It portrays the real-life story of las vegas bookmaker and iconic sports commentator James George Snyder who is also known as Jimmy the Greek. Jimmy earned his popularity by being the sports commentator for NFL matches for 12 years, which he used to predict the match results of the NFL games. He was acclaimed for his skylarking nature in sports betting, in a time when betting was listed as a taboo. He was admired by British NFL players and NFL lovers from all over the world. The documentary was a part of ESPN's 30 for 30 program, which features the famous and well-liked commentaries from NFL and NBA matches. His football betting commentaries have received wide recognition during the match seasons. You can purchase the documentary from Amazon prime.

  • Life on the Line

This series was launched in 2013 and features a few of the most renowned names in the world of sports betting. You can gain great insight from watching this documentary as it will aid you with the opportunity to watch and listen to the experts' knowledge of famous sports bettors. The sports bettors who share their vast experience in life on the line include Teddy Covers, Erin Rynning, and Carl Gotham. They have been very truthful with their rough and raw experiences from rugby trophies betting and basketball betting days.

Along with the opinions from these professional sports bettors the documentary has included the special appearance episodes of Jay Kornegay who was then an oddsmaker at Hilton hotel, Las Vegas. The show made sure to include the famous sports talk show hosts also in the episodes just as a cherry on the top of the cake.

We can assure you the 52-minute program is a perfect opportunity to feed the gambler in you with a lot of facts and untold truths about the sports betting world. The sports series also talks about the Superbowl and the associated betting industry. If you are thinking of watching the documentary you can avail yourself of it from amazon prime without any hassles.


Now that you have an idea about the most popular sports betting-related documentaries, you can get started by watching them one-by-one. It can be a great experience to watch them as it will enlighten you with the untold facts about the fascinating world of sports betting. Also by watching it you can use it as a tool to improvise your sports betting strategies and skills. Start your binge-watching today with the above-mentioned sports betting documentaries and make the most out of your break time.