Taking a look at the trophies and awards associated with Rugby not only keeps you informed about the famous sport but also takes you back to moments where the sport was created and enriched to perfection. While we are not here to talk about all trophies and awards, we are certainly looking at some of the most important ones that have been awarded for players and teams that have created an impact.

So sit back and look at a few of the most important trophies and awards associated with Rugby.


From the Antim Cup to the World Rugby Championship and more, there have been several Rugby trophies awarded to teams that have outperformed everyone. So let’s take a look at four of the most popular Rugby trophies.

1. Antim Cup

Antim Cup

Contested between the Rugby union of teams of Georgia and Romania, the Antim Cup was designed by a former rugby player and Georgian sculptor, Guia Japaridze. As with every other cup game, the owner will retain the cup unless the challenger is capable of taking him down.

The historic past surrounding the cup has seen moments of glory and failure being shared by both teams. From sending out petitions to change the name of the cup to witnessing intense games for the sole purpose of winning the cup, the Antim Cup is a rugby trophy with a lot of history.

2. The Hopetoun Cup

The Hopetoun Cup is another famous rugby trophy that has been around for years. Named after the Seventh Earl of Hopetoun, Hopetoun Cup is one that was established as a perpetual rugby union trophy played between two countries, Australia and Scotland.

The reason behind naming it after the Seventh Earl of Hopetoun describes the close links between the two countries. The Seventh Earl of Hopetoun was a Scotsman and also the Governor-General of Australia known for presiding over the Federation of Australia in 1901.

The Hopetoun Cup

3. The Triple Crown 

The Triple Crown_

The Triple Crown was once known as the invisible cup mainly due to a 14-year period in which the competition did not have an actual award for a winner. In terms of participants, the trophy is being contested by Ireland, Wales, England and Scotland and is given to the home nation that has successfully beaten all three rivals.

The trophy contains insignias of four nations in each corner and is also topped by a crown. Since it is a fan-made prize, it resides in the Rugby Museum in Twickenham. Watching teams battle it out for the trophy is not only entertaining but also ideal for online sports betting, provided you are aware of the competition, players and more.  

4. The Calcutta Cup

As the name suggests, The Calcutta Cup originated from India and is forged from Silver Rupees. The money for the same arrived from the final funds that were made available to the Calcutta Football Club. Once the club saw a drop in membership, the remaining members decided to call it quits and handed over the trophy to RFU in 1878.

Due to that, the Calcutta Cup is now contested between Scotland and England and the competition is quite famous for the level of intensity with which it functions.

The Calcutta Cup

5. World Rugby Championship

World Rugby Championship

Contested by South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and Argentina, the World Rugby Championship is an annual event that is also one of the most popular ones in world Rugby. Not only does it feature four of the highest-ranked national teams in the Southern Hemisphere but is also a competition that produces moments that remind you of how good the sport is and how good it will always be.


When it comes to awards, there are several to look forward to and they are all presented by World Rugby Awards. So let’s have a look at a few of them.

World Rugby Team of the Year

1. World Rugby Team of the Year

The World Rugby Team of the Year is one of the most famous awards to emerge from this genre. It has seen a host of winners with New Zealand leading the way in numbers. Having won the award over 11 times, New Zealand does not intend on stopping anytime soon.

The New Zealand Black Ferns team also became the first women’s team to win the award and thus the country is busy creating history on all fronts.

2. World Rugby Player of the Year

What follows the World Rugby Team of the Year? World Rugby Player of the Year because there have to be talented players for a team to succeed. These are the type of players that you look at while thinking about rugby betting because they need to be in your team.

Antoine Dupont from France was the last to win this prestigious award for displaying exceptional skills at the highest level of the game. Since the award takes everything into consideration, you can expect to see some of the greatest associated with it. 

3. World Rugby Coach of the Year 

Awarding the best in the world of Rugby naturally involves a coach with ideas because it is their tactics that need to be converted on the field of play. And when it comes to choosing the best, this category has seen a ton of names that will easily go down as the greatest. 

Featuring the likes of Joe Schmidt, Steve Hansen and so on, the award for the best coach shares something in common with the best Rugby team of the year, i.e they are all from New Zealand. 

4. World Rugby Men’s Sevens Player of the Year

For this particular award, it is a player’s performance in the World Rugby Sevens Series and other major Sevens tournaments that is taken into consideration. From Simon Amor to Marcos Moneta, the sport has seen several players win this prestigious award and prove to the world what they are capable of.

As for most awards, this award also sees small domination from New Zealand with as many as 5 players winning the award. Will these numbers grow over the coming years or will we see more players from different countries come and steal the show? Well, you will have to wait and watch.