Football commentators are an integral part of the beautiful game. Their knowledge of the sport and the accurate info that they provide is special, especially in places where fans only listen to the game. Since most of them have spent years with the sport, they are well aware of what it takes to be a commentator and what makes one special. 

Thanks to that, we have a list of the best football commentators and it is a remarkable set of individuals that we should all be thanking.

Clive Tyldesley

Clive Tyldesley is a popular name among fans and has always been included as a commentator for some of the biggest games that the sport has produced. While he was initially a part of ITV, he no longer collaborates with the organisation and does his work elsewhere.

His detailed insights are so valuable to the sport that even EA Sports called him up to be the voiceover on some of their top games. Moreover, Tyldesley has also won several awards like the Royal Television Society Sports Commentator of the Year on four different occasions.

Martin Tyler

Martin Tyler is a name that fans will never forget, especially when you recall Sergio Aguero's sensational goal against Queen Park Rangers. While the goal gave Manchester City their first Premier League title, it gave Tyler a platform where fans will be hoping to hear his voice over anyone else.

Considering the hype and the popularity of activities like football betting, anyone involved in the same will be loving to hear Tyler say ‘Aguerooo’ for years to come. Not only has he offered his take on the game but through his sweet voice, Tyler also intensifies the drama behind the sport.

John Motson

There’s hardly any other football commentator who can live up to the senior level that John Motson has reached. Having started his career in 1971, John Motson has been with us ever since, often providing us with subtle ways to understand the sport that we all call the beautiful game.

He was the voice of the generation, which clearly felt surprised when he decided to retire from live commentary in 2008 only to make a comeback to TalkSport in 2017. His impact on the entertainment value that the sport provides is second to none and every fixture used to include John Motson as the live football commentator.

Peter Drury

If you do a google search on some of football’s most memorable quotes, you are bound to find one from Peter Drury. He is currently one of the best in the business and you can expect to hear his melodic voice for all the big games of both English and European football.

So be it the Premier League or the Champions League, you can expect to hear Peter Drury’s take on the game, which is often considered to be accurate just like how a betting strategy needs to be.

To the point and nothing else to add on. Hence, we are sure that Peter Drury will go down as one of the best football commentators of all time.

Kenneth Wolstenholme

Kenneth Wolstenholme’s body of work speaks for itself and he will forever be remembered as one of the best that we have ever seen or heard of. His famous quote, ‘Some of the fans are on the pitch…they think it’s all over…it is now!’ is something that can be posted on the wall because it is one of the best quotes that captured a moment of joy.

His career, which included commentary for BBC between the years 1951 and 1971, marked many special moments and fans will never forget it. Apart from his famous work including England's World Cup triumph in 1966, Wolstenholme also covered games involving the likes of Manchester United and Celtic.

Barry Davies

Regardless of Barry Davies’ stint with John Motson, he is one of the best commentators, whose take on the beautiful game was something that immediately caught the attention of the viewers. He ran the game for more than 30 years and for every single fixture, he had something new to offer.

Just like how we have switched from offline betting to online betting, Davies had the incredible talent of switching everyone’s thoughts into what was happening on the pitch. It was a soothing voice, which, powered by the action-packed game of football, formed a memorable partnership that made him one of the greatest.

Brian Moore

The passion that the late Brian Moore emitted into the microphone was something so unique that he created moments that will always last forever. Throughout his illustrious career, Moore covered some of the biggest games, including FIFA World Cups, Championship finals and more.

He worked with ITV and BBC, which clearly tells you more about what he brought to the stage, especially since two of the biggest companies wanted to collaborate with him. His skill set was more or less like the top features that are offered at a website providing sports betting because they were unique, classic and every other word that is used to describe greatness.

Jon Champion

Jon Champion, alongside Ally McLeish, forms a commentary duo that is second to none. While Champion used to cover the Premier League, he has now shifted to the United States of America. During his stay in England, he worked with BBC Sport, ESPN and ITV Sport, which as we all know are the biggest in the sporting business.

Apart from live sports. Champion’s voice can also be heard by playing Pro Evolution Soccer because he is the one commentating while you go on playing the game. And if you don’t know who he is, you ought to ask someone who watched the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Being the main commentator, Champion manoeuvred the game with ease and left us with quotes that we will never forget.