Fantasy football league is the new talk of the town because fantasy football managers are all around trying to figure out which player to select and whom to place as captain. With the Premier League being the best in the world, it is quite obvious that all the attention goes towards the same in the form of FPL (Fantasy Premier League).

FPL has not only emerged as a front runner but is also widely played by all. And as curious heads start exploring, they also begin questioning and one of the questions that they ask is ‘what is bench boost’. Considering the impact that it can create and how it can change the game, it is important to note that it is a valid question. So here’s what you should know about the Bench Boost FPL Chip.

What is Bench Boost?

There are around four bonuses available to players and the bench boost chip is one among them. By using the chip as a fantasy football manager, all 15 players in your squad will score points for that gameweek in particular. The points will come in regardless of whether or not they are playing, which is why it is known as the Bench Boost Chip.

As a special bonus, this chip can only be used once in a footballing season making it all the more essential to use it accurately. Since these are the terms and conditions attached to this bonus, it becomes similar to what you get from sports betting UK casinos that also offer bonuses.

Hence, you need to know when to use this bonus and how to use it.

Using Fantasy Football Bench Boost Chip

When it comes to using the Bench Boost Chip, there are things that you need to consider. Getting to use the chip and then realising that it wasn't worth it will only make matters worse. So here’s what you have got to do.

  • Squad depth

Squad depth

A team that has depth in their squad rather than one that features popular footballers is what you need to be after. Teams that are usually on top feature squad depth as they compete in several leagues and competitions. For example, top-tier English teams like Manchester City and Liverpool have depth in their squad and using this chip for one of their games makes sense.

Since these teams will also feature high-scoring benched players, it makes sense to choose them.

  • Wildcard chip

Planning for the use of the Bench Boost chip is another thing that you need to follow. And a common practice in this regard is to use the Wildcard chip that helps you oversee a wholesale change of your squad. By doing so, you can build a strong squad that has the capability of scoring football goals and earning you points.

Wildcard chip
  • Explore the fixtures

Explore the fixtures

A fully fit squad and depth are not the only pieces of information that you need in choosing the Bench Boost chip. You need to understand the fixtures that are coming and how Premier League managers will choose their players for the same. With competitions like the FA Cup, UEFA Champions League and the Premier League, top clubs will look towards squad rotation.

And once that happens, the scenario will change to a huge extent. So you need to understand what your squad is currently going through and try to gain an idea or so on how likely a player will feature in the starting eleven. You also need to keep a note of players who are suspended and injured.

  • Aim for a double gameweek

Be it rearranged games or fixtures from different competitions, there are several reasons why you may see a double gameweek. And the best time to use the chip is during a double gameweek, mainly for all the points that you might be able to earn. You will also require a week where multiple teams play twice.

Thanks to how the English football pyramid system is set up, you are bound to see a double gameweek at some point or the other.

Aim for a double gameweek


Is it possible to play the Wildcard and Bench Boost together?

Since bonuses have terms and conditions, it is not possible to play them both in the same gameweek. It is a simple rule that exists for all chips. So the common practice that everyone resorts to is to use the Wildcard in the previous gameweek and then use the Bench Boast in the next gameweek so that your squad is in a better position.

How many points can I earn from a Bench Boost?

If played at the right time, the Bench Boost provides everyone with at least eight additional opportunities for scoring points. However, that might not always be the case because there is always going to be a thing or two coming in the way. Since there are no detailed autobiographies explaining this, you will have to stick to what you know and explore it all with ease.

Will my points tally get affected by benching a certain player?

No, your points tally won’t get affected by who you bench because all 15 members of your squad will be included in your points tally. So regardless of whether a player is on the field or the bench, the Bench Boost will not get affected.


The Bench Boost FPL Chip is an important part of the bonus setup that is widely seen in fantasy football. While it has both pros and cons, it ends up shaping into a bonus solely depending on how you use it. The risks involved and various other factors that come into the picture should also be considered because that is how the process needs to move forward.

So understand the process, explore everything and then make it a point to give it a try.