The sight of seeing Manchester City run away with points and a possible title is not the kind of thing that Tuchel or Klopp would have expected to see. However, the reality is what we need to accept and Pep Guardiola seems to have gotten the better of everyone again. But that does not call it quits because neither Liverpool nor Chelsea will be ready to give up the fight or three points to any team.

They will be looking to close the gap with table leaders and for that, every game is an important one. So while Tuchel and company are off to Brighton, they won’t have a draw or a loss in mind because that is not what they are off to achieve. 

A game week to look forward to 

With postponements and the problems caused by the pandemic, the Premier League is once again turning into a chaotic place. Fixtures are pushed to a later date and players have to be ready when the time is right. So soon after Brighton take on Chelsea, we also have Leicester City vs Tottenham and Brentford vs Manchester United. 

The close gap between these fixtures is certainly going to call out for a midweek bonanza where everything could be a possibility. Considering the requirements of everyone who follows fantasy leagues or even football betting, this fixture and the upcoming ones need to be understood and followed. 

Date and Venue 

Brighton will take on Chelsea on the 19th of January 2022 at the Falmer Stadium. 

90-minutes of Pure Action

Tuchel would want all that he gets

While Chelsea were either drawing games or losing it, they are slowly getting back to those days where we saw them win the Champions League. The team, despite missing a few key players, is capable of winning a game at Brighton and taking on the challenge that the famous Graham Potter has to put forward.

Tuchel’s notorious style of attacking is either going to work or not work, regardless of that, Brighton has a tough task ahead. But if Chelsea ends up making the same old mistakes then a draw could also be considered a failure. 

Graham Potter isn’t a nobody 

Graham Potter has long established his trade at Brighton and the system is working fine. While it does go off to a certain style of play where they create chances but don’t score, there is not a single team in the Premier League that does not commit mistakes. Everyone tends to gamble at one point or the other due to the circumstances that they are put into.

However, Potter is capable of turning things around, especially with players like Neal Maupay, Alexis Mac Allister and more. And if their midfield is organised with the right help from the defence, Brighton could pose a serious challenge to Chelsea. 

Lukaku’s chance to shine?

The chaotic situation at Stamford Bridge is slowly coming to a close and so are the memes proclaiming Lukaku’s love for Inter Milan. After issuing a brief apology, both Tuchel and the fans have given the striker a second chance, which we believe will be used to the fullest.

The Belgium forward has taken his time to cope up with the injuries that he has suffered and in his absence, the blues were not short of goal scorers. So if Lukaku wants to stage a comeback, it needs to be an impactful one and a performance that Tuchel will think twice before putting him on the bench or leaving him out of the squad.

Potter’s formations and attacking ability 

Potter is known to combine a good set of talent and bring together their attacking ability in order to limit the chances that the opposition has in front of the goal. His defences are hard to break, which makes it hard for strikers to receive the right passes or make the right runs that will help them score goals. 

But if Lukaku were to be on the starting eleven, Potter will have a new problem at hand and his defence, especially the centre-back pairing need to be right. If things go wrong, then a team like Chelsea would make use of all that they get and every opportunity would be a shot either off-target or on target.

The previous game 

Brighton’s previous visit to Stamford Bridge left many blues fans unhappy. While they expected a win, a draw was all that they could witness thanks to Danny Welbeck’s last-minute goal. While Lukaku did fire up the blues, Brighton ended the night with more shots on target and surprisingly with more possession of the ball.

Due to all that, this clash is going to be an exciting one and if you ever want to feel part of the action, feel free to place bets at BritainBet.

Brighton vs Chelsea: Head-to-head

Both Brighton and Chelsea have only played a total of 9 games in the Premier League and Chelsea have all the stats by their side. Brighton has managed to draw 3 of these games but have never won any one of them.

Total Wins06

Notable games

  • Chelsea vs Brighton - 0-0
    • Stamford Bridge, London
    • 20th April 2021

Brighton’s last visit to Stamford Bridge was one of the three draws that they have been able to achieve out of 9 games in total. 

  • Chelsea vs Brighton - 2-0
    • Stamford Bridge
    • 28th September 2019

Two goals from Willian and Jorginho were all that was required to break the Brighton defence as Chelsea came out on top in this fixture.